We create experiences using mobile devices, computers, software, media, augmented reality and virtual reality with multi targeted learning styles to engage our community and give a different prospective.

Using a wide range of digital media and production techniques to simulate and visualise spaces from around the globe. Then bring it into the classroom to immerse in a consequence free environment. By visually deconstructing a complex idea down its base elements or simply learning through play, from the largest interactive display through to their browser at home.

Immersive technologies are improving our student outcomes.

What is Immersive Technologies

What We Do

Virtual and Augmented Reality

360 Content Capture and Delivery

Real Time 3D Visual Media Production

3D Asset Creation and Photogrammetry

Visualisation and Gamification

Interactive Teaching Material



Our Immersive content delivery system built to create custom education and research material for the biggest virtual reality system to the smallest browser.

Campus Wayfinding

Proof of concept virtual 3D campus map to change how we navigate our campus in the future

Next-Gen Teaching Spaces

Capturing 360 and digital media to inform you of our next-gen spaces

Load Bearing Stucture

Breaking down engineering formulas and demonstrating them in a real time environment

Cyberheroes Game

Our heroes fight back to stop cyber crime at CQU. A retro action platformer with a public service announcement on cyber crime.


Peter Vanheck

Technology and Cybersecurity Leader and Advocate

Paul Holbeck

ICT Project Manager (Infrastructure)

Jamie Aisthorpe

Analyst Developer (XR and Immersive Technology Specialist)